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Hi, My name is Jewelz,(short for Julie). I'm 27 and I live in Bath, South West England with my partner of almost seven years, R. I'm into gothic stuff, including the music, fashion, clubs and literature.

I love studying religions, and hope to one day pursue this as a career. I love learning about any religion but I am particularly into Jewish stuff and also find elements from Buddhism and paganism useful as well as anything mystical or esoteric.

Most of the serious part of my brain is used up by my PhD thesis, which is on reincarnation in Western esotericism. I hope to publish this one day as a book. I'm looking at the little known Western tradition of reincarnationism historically, from Plato to the modern day and concentrating on the nineteenth century Theosophical movement. As part of my academic life I also occasionally lecture on related subjects.

I feel that difficult academic study has to be blanaced by a certain amount of silliness and frivolity and I love trashy TV and shopping for anything purple, fluffy, shiny or amusing. I like gothic versions of ordinary things and I like adding to my gothic bat collection and my gothic rubbber duck collection! Fun clothes and silly handbags are also great, as long as they're either black or purple! I love nostalgic cartoons, manga stuff and kitsch stuff, especially if it is Japanese.

I'm really into music and play the drums, fiddle and keyboard. My band, Tubab, started out playing African dance rhythms but we are now expanding into new areas and have recently added wooden xylophones. We're working towards a kind of African dance fusion sound. We do a few gigs throughout the year and especially during the summer at the various festivals we go to.

I run the Bath Goth Meetup group, an opportunity for West country goths to get together in a pub once a month and make new likeminded friends. As well as the website above, there is also an LJ group for this.

I'm a friendly and open-minded sort of person and I appreciate the same qualities in other people. I like genuineness, friendliness, open-mindedness, and interesting conversations with people regardless of their age or background. I don't like selfishness, unfriendliness, narrow-mindedness, pretentiousness, snobbery and cliqueishness.

I've met some interesting and friendly people through lJ. If you have come accross my journal and are also a friendly, genuine person interested in having an (appropriate!) dialogue then please make contact, add me to your frinds and I will add you back. If you delete me from your friends there will be no hard feelings from me (I don't expect people to read my journal) but I will probably delete you from mine. This is just because I use LJ primarily as a way of making and keeping in touch with friends, and I believe the effort has to be mutual. I know there are many other ways of seeing and using LJ, which I respect, but that is just my preference.

Some interesting links:

http://www.altbristol.com/ for alternative goings-on in Bristol.

http://bristolgothic.proboards51.com for more gothic goings on in Bristol.

http://events.gothintra.net/ for gothic stuff in UK.

http://www.netgoth.org.uk/ ditto.

http://www.live365.com/stations/dj_paul_bearer Gothic radio station!

The cute icons are from http:/www.pocketfullofposiez.com.

Check out http://www.dansantoni.com for amazing gothic/fetish photography.

http://www.deviantart.com/ for incredible art of all kinds.

http://stevieblue.co.uk/ A cool goth chick from Gloucester!

http://www.artofadornment.ca for VERY cool Victorian gothic accessories.

http://www.cafepress.com/ You can get t shirts/mugs/everything with almost anything here, including BATS!

Check out http://www.jewdas.org/contents.htm if you're into Jewish stuff but be warned: subversive!