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The Doings of Darkjewelz
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Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
8:43 pm
8:42 pm

Here are the latest additions to my gothic rubber duck collection. Angel duckie, dead duckie and vampire duckie.

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
10:02 pm
In the absence of anything better to write, here is a photo of my gothic rubber duck collection!

Monday, January 1st, 2007
3:43 pm
Happy New Year!
Last night was pretty good. The fetish ball wasn't as well attended as the organiser would have hoped, but there were enough people there and it was a very glamorous crowd. The people were spread thinly because there were two large rooms, one for dancing and one for chill out. there were free fruit skewers with a chocolate fountain, a live band, can-can dancers and kinky goings-on. There was also one of the best DJ sets I've heard, semlessly mixed floor-filling dance classics. I decided to drive, so I was sober and despite this I danced, which just goes to show how good it was. Even the gangsta bouncers couldn't help jiggling about a little bit.

I like writing a little review of my year on new year's day. Last year saw a number of significant achievements. The biggest one was passing my driving test. that seemed like such a long way off a year ago. Another big one was starting the goth meetup group. Initially I was apprehensive about this. I really wanted to do it but was worried that I woun't have the time and that it would be stressful. It hasb't been stressful, it's been great and I've met so many people and made so many new freinds. It's been brilliant. Academic achievement included completing the first year of my PhD, submitting an article for publication and giving my first presentation. Obviously some bad things have happened too. One family member died and I discovered that one person I considered a friend was not a true friend. But hey, I reckon the good outweighs the bad.

Saturday, December 30th, 2006
4:50 pm
Last Friday was janinemarriotts Christmas party. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling all that great but well enough not to need to resist the mince pies. I had a chance to chat to inulro and  girfan from biblogoths.

The next day was Insidious which went very well. I scraped my hair back into a bun and attached falls. I'm still a novice at this arcane parctice but the result was so striking that some people didn't recognise me until I said hello! I think it is a more severe look, but I like it.

Christmas hasn't been at all bad this year. There were no family rows, I saw lots of good friends I haven't seen for ages and had a nice time in London eating, drinking and exploring. Of course there were loads of people we didn't see, because we didn't have time, but I hope to remedy this in the new year.

Camden was visited, a susual, although it seems to become more and more difficult to find anything to buy, despite the proliferation of goth shops. I did leave with an increadibly voluminous purple can-can style skirt which I intend to use to create a lolita-esq sort of look, if I can.

My most substantial gift was a new mobile phone, which means I no longer have to be embarrassed by my old brick. Lets just hope that the Motorola SLVR turn out not to be as unreliable as most people predict...I think it might be a bit better that the RAZR as its a newer model.

I also got a few books, some goth stockings/socks various purple bits and bobs and a variety of food stuffs. But one of my favourite pressies was the punk rubber duck! I've always wanted a black rubber duck and apparently my mind was read! Today I decided to have a look online at what other funky ducks might be available and lo and behold, there's a whole industry out there. So I'm not the only weirdo that like rubber ducks. I couldn't quite resist ordering the purple duck with black devil horns...an extra Christmas pressie to myself. I just have to be careful the collection doesnt start taking over my house...like the bat collection.

Thursday, December 21st, 2006
11:30 am
goth moot, pressies, caterpillar
The goth meetup last night was fantastic, we had fourteen people show up including some new faces.

I received the sparkliest jingliest pinkest wrapped present ever. Can't wait to open it but not allowed to until xmas day!

In other news, our pet caterpillar is getting very fat. Every morning I put it in a fresh pot and give it a new lettuce leaf. It's just like the caterpillar in that kids book, "The Hungry Caterpillar"! I don't know what's going to happen when it turns into a butterfly. There aren't many flowers out this time of year. It could have come from anywhere in the world, (probably in our broccoli) and have a life-cycle suited to a warmer climate.
Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
5:01 pm
On Saturday we went to dylanand ghostpaw's Christmas party where we saw azekeil, kissycat1000, busyplanet, amadou and even some non-lj folk... ghostpaw had made lovely gluten free mince pies for me so I felt obliged to eat as many as I could and take some home with me too...Since I was driving, R managed to drink a whole bottle of wine and felt like shite the next day, which was bad, since we had to drive to Birmingham to check out their monthly bizarre Bazaar for Christmas pressies. We only got two pairs of earings in the end, but they're really unusual and interesting. In the evening we went to a club in Birmingham and I did my first bit of motorway driving on the way back. I managed to break the 70mph speed limit, which was a first for me.

This week has been spent mostly writing an essay about Neo-Theosophy, interspersed with a trip to the gym. This evening is the Bath Goth Meetup.
Friday, December 15th, 2006
1:45 pm
Pain in the neck, caterpillars, piercings and Bond, James Bond.
I've met up with a couple of mates this week for pre-Christmas catchings-up, which has been nice. Unfortunately I put my back out again the night before last, so that's been the lowlight of me week so far. I was in bed with insomnia at 3am when I turned over and something in my neck went. I thought I'd have to have the day off work but in the end I managed with some painkillers and a heat pad. But every time I turn my neck it feels like I'm being knifed.

R found a bright green caterpillar in the house a coupld of days ago. He reckoned that in the cold, putting it outside was tantamount to killing it so he put it in a large yoghurt pot with a lettuce leaf, which it's been enjoying and we now have a pet caterpillar!

Yesterday I took a friend to get a piercing done at Abnormal, the piercing and clothing shop in Bath and I came out with my own ear-piercings redone, some jewelery and a Lip Service skirt which is lush.

The day before we went to see Casino Royale. I really enjoyed it, and I thought Danil Craig was a convincing and gritty Bond.
Monday, December 11th, 2006
5:41 pm
Party, landolords and manners.
The Vampire Connexion party went very well, I thought. The room was done out beautifully, there were scrummy mince pies, mulled wine, interesting people and a good selection of music including classical favourites and old school goth floor fillers.

The only slight downer for five minutes was the rudeness of the pub landlord. Admittedly I did prersent him with an unusual request, which I would have been happy for him to deny, as long as he'd done it courteously, and not by avoiding eye-contact, grunting and having "F**k you" written all over his face. After all, I did make the request politely and not in a demanding way. I think I may have shamed him by thanking him for his kindness and wishing him a merry Christmas with obvious sarcasm.

This has led me to consider that perennial question: Are all pub landlords areseholes? I've had bad attitude from four landlords I can think of. Obviously not all of them are twats, but I think some factors at at work here. Firstly, landlords have to deal with pissed up idiots all the time. I think this affects their view of humanity. Secondly, it was London, and I am quite frankly unused to this sort of behaviour. By New York standards however he was probably being positively polite and helpful. Thirdly, I have detected in landlords a certain superiority complex. It's as if when you drink in their pub, they're the boss of you as well as thier staff. I guess this is because they have to be authoritarian a lot of the time, and it becomes a bad habit.

I'm quite sensitive about good manners. While I realise that I'm in no way perfect, I try to do my best. It takes nothing to show a little respect, to acknowledge somebody, to thank people for their effort, to respond to messages and to be fair. I think the world would be a better place if we were all a little bit nicer to each other.

On the other hand, this weekend I met an unexpectedly nice shopkeeper in Camden. What a lovely lady. Unlike so many of the other sellers there, she did not get grumpy with people who didn't buy anything, she was friendly and smiley with everyone and very patient and helpful. She and her family are from Nepal. Her brothers design the clothes, (some of the designs are fabulous) which they then have made in Nepal. I thoroughly recommend this shop. It's called Natureline and its on the passageway that leads to the stables from the main road. They sell a lot of funky fleece items and if you look closely there are a few gothicly inspired things.

When I got home last night I took out my fluffy black Christmas tree and decorated it with silver baubles and purple tinsel. I stuck a bat on top and hung a spider from the branches. I love my gothic Christmas tree!
5:11 pm
5:09 pm
Friday, December 8th, 2006
8:53 pm
The talk last Friday went well. It was nerve-wracking giving my first presentation to an academic audience but they were a nice bunch of people and I think it went down well. There were a few papers and we discussed plans for the book we're putting together. Afterwards we went to the most fabolous Bengali restaurant ever. I had bel puri, an Indian dish which I have never seen in this country but that I was into in India.

On Saturday we went to London and in the evening we went to Slimelight. It was ok...but I kinda wish we'd gone to Invocation, the trad goth night instead. Next time we will.

On Sunday I did the London Goth Meetup Group bring and buy sale, and made a few quid to put towards R's pressie. I also managed to come away with a pair of pinstripe trousers and a ridicuous cyberdog "elf" hat. Can't wait to wear that and look increadibly silly.

On Monday we went shopping, first to some fetish shops along Holloway Rd, then to Breathless in Kings Cross and then to Camden. Amazingly I managed to come away from Camden with nothing but some hair dye. I did get R's xmas pressie in Breathless though...a floor length rubber skirt! I can't wait to see him in it. I have this thing about skirts on men...I think they should wear them all the time, samuri style.

The highlight of today was finding the xmas tree I have been coveting. It is small, black and fluffy. I'm going to put a bat on the top and some purple decorations. Gothic xmas tree!

janinemarriott is picking me up in ten minutes and we're off to London again, this time for the Vampire Connexion party tomorrow, otherwise known as another excuse to wear a corset.
Wednesday, November 29th, 2006
5:59 pm
argh! I found out two days ago that I have to give a half hour presentation to a panel of academic on Friday. So I had to write the talk (based on work already done) learn how to use Powerpoint and construct a presentation. I've just finished it. Now I have to practice it a few times to make sure I don't bungle it on the day.

*wrings hands nervously*

Yesterday I went to a postgrad talk on death and afterlife. There was free wine afterwards...and a really weird man who kept staring at me from across the room. No matter how much I looked at him and raised my eyebrows he would not look away. I would have said something but I think it's best to ignore weirdos at academic events (don't want them latching on to me) and just enjoy the free booze.
5:52 pm
Vampire Connexion Xmas Party
Has anyone with a ticket out there changed thier mind about going? I'd love to come but apparently they've sold out. If anyone would like to sell me thier ticket I'd be very happy!
Monday, November 27th, 2006
9:51 pm
Gothic Bring and Buy
Anyone going to the Gothic Bring and Buy sale in London this Sunday? I shall be there with a stall full of stuff.


Sunday, December 3, 2006, 1:00 PM
Blue Posts
81 Newman Street W1T 3ET
020 7637 8958

Hope to see you there!
Sunday, November 26th, 2006
5:05 pm
Victorian evening, Pandora;s Box, Crash.
Went to Keynsham victorian evening on Thursday with mystic_horizons and jonny. It wasn't very victorian, but there were fairground rides, some stalls and crowds. I bought a fluffy black hat in a charity shop and my next artistic project: a porcerlain doll at £2.50 (hideously dressed) which I intend to strip down and transform into a gothic beauty!

Saturday was spent in town, "sorting stuff" and buying stuff. What I want to know is, is it wrong to wear black fluffy ear muffs? I get ear ache in the cold and I've bought them now so the decision's been made, but will I look a twat? Are only Japanese schoolgirls allowed to wear earmuffs?

We went to Pandora's Box last night and saw loads of people. In fact it was a very pleasant social evening indeed, despite my sobriety. I was sober because it was my job to drive back...and I managed to bump the car for the first time by reversing into invisible bollards, just a week after passing my test! Pah. It was a very difficult manoeuvre to be fair, and in a weird way, I'm glad the bump is out of the way, as I knoew it would happen sooner or later! I think we'll have to claim on the insurnce to get the bumps on the car sorted. One was my fault, one was R's fault and the other bump was somebody else. At least it's fair.

Today I am recovering from last night and chilling. I made nineteen cards with bits of coloured paper and shiny things. Some turned out better than others. I've also been wrapping Christmas pressies. Early, I know, but I like getting these things done so that they don't stress me out...and I enjoy it, I'll admit. I'm now out as a Christmas lover, Oh, the shame.
Thursday, November 23rd, 2006
9:28 pm
9:08 pm
Solo driving
Yay! I did my first solo drive today! I drove all the way to Easton and back without serious incident. Independence at last!

Another reason to be happy: I won a "make your own bat" kit on ebay. Silly, I know, but I love bats and have a collection of over ten gothic fluffy ones. It's hard to find one I haven't got.

I got back from Exeter yesterday. I did a couple fo courses on how to use software, and one on how to write for publication. Apart from that, I met up with various people,including joysilence,who now lives down there.

Current Mood: happy
Friday, November 17th, 2006
10:10 pm
Yay! I passed my driving test!!!
The title says it all really. I am feeling doubly proud of myself because I've had a stinking cold since Tuesday and would have cancelled the test if I'd had time. Glad I didn't now though.

We went to the Eastern Eye Tandoori restaurant in Bath to celebrate. I do recommentd it, as the food was excellent, much better than your usual tandoori. The only slight annoyance was that I thought they were trying to take advantage by giving us a huge bottle of water when we only wanted a small one. It was very cheeky, so I sent it back.

I wish I wasn't ill, so that I could have celebrated with the bottle of champagne I had put aside for this day.

I popped in to [ab]normal, the new piercing and cyber/goth clothing store in Bath. They've got some nice stuff in there. I also tried to buy the teapot handbag I've been whining about for months now but when I got to the shop the only ones they had left were all wonky. Damn, foiled again in my teapot-handbag buying plans. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something?

Other highlight of the day: receiving a lovely cyber rubber corset from janine. Yay!

Now it's time to go and watch Casanova on DVD, and catch an eyeful of David Tennant, to round off the day nicely.
Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
12:09 pm
I woke up with one swollen glad in my neck this morning, which means I have a cold. Which is bad because I have my driving test on Friday. Lets hope I get better before then. I'm also all achy because I went to the gym yesterday. Not a nice feeling.

I got pissed again this weekend, which is unusual for me, and I've dont it two weeks in a row now. Am I becoming an alcoholic?! There was a drumming gig on in Bristol and I went with R and a friend. I find the alcohol helps me to dance a little more wildly...it was great fun.

Don't forget it's the Bath Goth Meetup tomorrow, any of you who are interested.

And I have a flyer for the Circus of Horrors in Bath. It gives me 2 tickets for the price of 1 on Weds 22nd. I have more if anyone's interested. I saw this circus a while back in bristol and I can honestly say its fab, especially if you're into gothic or macabre things.
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