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London, Buddhafield, Tuebingen and Oblivion!

After having a bit of a shit time for a few weeks dong loads of work an hardly leaving the house, the last few weeks have been awesome.

First I went to London for a few days to see my cousins from Brazil, who were visiting England for the fist time. I took them to all the usual tourist sights and Camden Town. The visit culminated in a talk I gave at a conference, which went well. My dad come to watch, it was the first time he'd seen me give a paper and it was great to have him there.

When I got back it was Rs birthday. Amongst other things, I got him his first computer game: Oblivion. This had been thoroughly recommended and not without reason: it's amazing. Unfortunately I am starting to question the wisdom of giving him this: he's on it for hours every day!

A couple of days later we went to Buddhafield, where we played two gigs and taught workshops every day. Despite the rain and having to schlep huge quantities of heavy stuff around a muddy campsite we had fun and the gigs went well. It rained very heavily on the Saturday, so we decided to stay for the Sunday in the hope that our tent would dry by Monday.

Sunday was an absolute mud bath. There was plenty of naked mud-surfing, some of it by some quite fit guys....there was also loads of partying and drumming. Good old British spirit. I think we partied harder because of the mud, not inspite of it! In many ways it was the best day, and out tent did dry by Monday. We were very lucky.

Soon after that, I went to Tuebingen in Germany for five days, to give a paper at the conference for the academic study of esotericism. I had an absolutely fantastic time. Tuebingen was beautiful and I met loads of interesting people and had interesting conversations.

Well, that;s it, a rather abridged account. Now its back to work.
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