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The Easter break has been pretty good really, despite my cold. On Saturday we had a short band rehersal followed by a trip to Glastonbury.

I love Glastonbury. We browsed all the hippy crystal and pagan shops for a pressie for my friend and found a very nice green lady wall plaque. It was a glorious sunny day and we went for a walk in the ruined Abbey. R took some photos. Its been almost seven years since we last went there. It was one of the first things we did as a couple.

We had dinner at my new favourite Thai place in Bath: Java. They serve my favourite Thai salad, som tum, made with green papaya and lots of chilli. It was lush.

After that we popped down to the funfair. I love the look of funfairs. We didn't go on any rides as R doesn't like them and I don't want ot go on my own. You need someone to scream with! It's there until the fourteenth. Maybe someone else is interested?

On Sunday we drove to Crook peak near Cheddar, which is a splendid walk. I've lived here all these years and didn't know it was there. Its the only pointed peak in the Mendips. You could almost be in Wales. Again it was quite sunny and we even got a bit burnt.

In the evening is was vortex and I spend most of the evening chatting to lady_of_the_dea, M and E. I was too tired and still slightly too ill to dance. R wasn't. He danced all night.

On Tuesday I saw an old school teacher of mine that I haven't seen for almost ten years. I met him a while ago purely by chance and he happened to be in Bath with his very cute little daughter so he got in touch. It was very entertaining talking about old times.

Today I met up with malabar and we had some more Thai food (I can never get enough) then had a tea at a very smart Alsatian cafe in Bath. We had a really good chat.

R is such a sweetheart. He recorded Desperate Housewives for me while I was out! I'm off to watch it now!
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