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Brrrrrrrrrrrr, it's bloody freezing today isn't it? Its good to be feeling a bit more perky as last week I felt shit and hormonal last week.

After a really boring week writing an essay at home and working, we were desperate to go out on Saturday night. R discovered that there was a cool band playing at Moles, and that he knew one of the band members. So we went down there and it was fab; calypso, reggae, african fusion, all upbeat and funky. R and I both went on stage and did a bit of African drumming. That was a real buzz. I'd had enough JD not to be nervous about that but little enough so that I could still actually play.

I seem to be developing a taste in whiskey. Good stuff, whiskey, especially scotch.

I handed in my essay on Friday and this week I have to prepare a talk for the weekend. Apart from that, which isn't too much work,  I'm free, so I've been socialising. M&R came to Bath yesterday and we went ot a local bar I've been meaning to try for age, Lounge. Since I was only having one drink I thought I might as well make it a good one and had a glass of champagne. Yum. The only downer was the smoke in the place. I cannot wait until july when they ban it. Hurrah, my clothes wont stink anymore when I go out.

Today I went to Glos Rd in Bristol for some Thai food with M and managed to find a cool gothic petticoat in Repsycho, the vintage clothing shop.

I have a wisdom tooth coming through. Ouch. I had this pain in the back of my mouth and when I put my tongue there there was a new tooth poking out. It's very weird. Does this mean I am now officially wise?
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