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Auntie, Slimes, duckies

We went to London at the weekend. My aunt from Brazil was over, and we spent a nice day wandering around Highgate and Hampstead, looking at Kenwood House and eating in a sixteenth century pub.

Saturday evening was my friend from Bath's birthday, and she and a few others had come to Slimelight especially, where we met them. I wasn't feeling all that great, amongst other reasons due to my complete failure at fastening my fake dreads to my ponytail, and, in my opinion, not looking as "Slimelight" cool as I'd hoped to look. Tricky business this falls thing. It can really hurt, and tear your hair out.

We got back to Bristol on Sunday for me to go to bibliogoths. The book this month was Poppy Z Brites "Lost Souls" which I suggested out of curiosity. In general we thought it had a lot of self-indulgent, pretentious and teenage parts, but also a few interesting observations. Most people seemed to agree that it was well written and descriptive despite its over-use of the simile "smells like altars."

I'm handing in an essay at the end of this week, so I did the only thing I could do in such a situation, I went into town to pick up my rubber ducks which had arrived from the States. I also bought somes eyes for my bat-in-the-making. I had to get out of the house.

I'm going to write an article on alternative clothing shops in Bath and Bristol for Alt Fashion Magazine. That should give me another excuse not to do my work. Any ideas appreciated, although I'm fairly certain which shops I'm going to include.

And its the Bath Goth Meetup tomorrow, for any of you reading this that need reminding!

Right, I'm off to sew my bat now.
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