September 11th, 2007

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Ive been in Brazil a week now.

Before that, I spent a week at a festival called Tribe of Doris, where we had a stall fixing and selling drums. I also had tonsillitis for five days and then came down with a fully blown cold complete with temperature for two days. I was terrified Id have to travel like that but luckily got better just in time to put my back out really badly, so badly that I couldnt stand for long periods of time.

However, the aforementioned woes were forgotten for a while when I discovered that Id got AHRC funding for my PhD the day before I left. Im over the moon but also apprehensive about the amount of work I will have to do and my relationship with my supervisor. I get the impression he hasnt been happy with me recently and Im not sure if this is fair or not. Still, the AHRC must think Im OK.

Luckily we broke the journey by staying overnight in Lisbon. We had a great time there and R took lots of photos of an old district called Alfama.

The next day was the ten hour plane journey to Rio which I managed with two heatpacks for my back. It wasnt too bad. We stayed in Rio for three nights with some of my relatives. We went up the Sugar loaf and up to the Christ Redemptor as well as seeing Copacabana and Ipanema etc. It was good, but Rio is a big city with lots of crime so we didnt always feel one hundred percent at ease in the street.

Our next stop was Foz Iguacu, where we saw the gigantic waterfalls from the Argentinian side on the first day. This was incredible and you can get close enough in several different places to be wet by the spray. It is absolutely stunning.

The next day we were intending to go to the Brazilian side of the waterfalls but decided to go to a birdpark first. W saw loads of parrots, toucand and goodness knows what there which was great, but when we came out, we didnt have time to see the falls because it was a Brazilian national holiday and the queues were a km long. That was a disappointment.

We had limited time that day bcause we had to catch a bus to Bonito. The bus itself was state of the art, but the journey was 16 hours and it was hard to sleep. There was a two hout wait to change buses in the middle of nowhere too, at 4am, which was unpleasant. Not so bad for me, aided as I was by good old Dramil, which you can get over the counter here. It knocked me out cold for most of the journey.

Bonito has been great. Yesterday we did horse riding and swimming in the river and today we swam in a different part of the river that was full of fish. Big fish. One of them bit my finger when I tried to feed it.

Tomorrow were visiting a cave with a blue lagoon and then going swimming again before heading to the Pantanal.

Byw for now,