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The Doings of Darkjewelz
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Monday, June 18th, 2007

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Glasgow and gothic tea party
I got back from Glasgow yesterday. I'ts the first time I've been to Scotland and I've always wanted to go. I stayed with a uni friend of mine who is is also doing a PhD and her partner, who is a lecturer.

On Friday, I met up with another frind in the morning and we did a speedy tour of Glasgow, taking in the botanical garden, the oldest house in Glasgow, a gorgeous cemetary called the necropolis on a hill overlooking the city, a cathedral and a museum of religions. After lunch we checked out another rather eclectic museum which included stuffed animals, Egyptian mummies and a flashing Elvis. You've got to have a flashing Elvis. We also had a look around the university cloisters, which are stunning, like an Oxbridge college.

On Friday night we went to the reform synagogue. It was a small congregation and a great building. I must admit I was a little bit jealous, their builoding was better than ours in Bristol!

After synagogue we went to a restaurant called Stravaigin 2 and I had some yummy vegetarian haggis and we shared three puddings.

Glasgow is a very nice city. I didn't really expect it. Leafy avenues, lots of museums and all of them free. I was impressed.

But I was really interested in the hills and on Saturday we drove to Loch Lomond. The weather wasn't too bad, it was grey but not raining, and we saw plenty of lochs and mountains, as well as a small castle. It was very peaceful and the scenery was stunning.

In the evening we had a dinner party. There were eight of us, lots of interesting things to talk about (most of us were involved in academia in some way) and plenty of wine.

I got back early on Sunday morning (shattered) and in the afternoon I went to the gothic tea party in Bristol. I thought it went very well, with just the right number of people for the room and more than enough chocolate cake. A very pleasant way to spend the afternoon. I finished off the day with  friend, having the perfect chips in cafe Kino, the little vegan place near Jamaica street in Stokes Croft. Recommended.

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