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The Doings of Darkjewelz
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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

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Sunrise Celebration
I'm worried I may be on the verge ofpsychosis and need to start taking it a little easier on my body. I went to a banging preogressive-psy-trance/ UV birthday party in Trowbridge the Saturday before last and was barely recovered frm the exesses of that befre I had to get up at half six to make my way down to Exeter to give a paper at a conference. I was shitting myself and feeling terribl but I managed it. I then came home the same day, packed the car up and went to the Sunrise celebration festival. We got there on Tuesday, and it didn't start till Thursday, but since we'd hear it was going to piss down, we thought we'd better go early and put the tent up while it was dry.  It was a good move. By Thursday the weather had cleared up and it was a cracking festival. Loads of crazy people, some of them my friends (!) great drumnming and even more excesses. We saw the Ozric Tentacles, a goth band from Bath called Karma Deva who are very good and my mates band, Emunah, who are also very good. Emunah do Kletzmer/Russian/hip-hop drum and bass rap. Can you evn imagine how that sounds and how that works? I can only assure you that it does and that it sounds great.

We got home yesterday. I feel like a zombie. I'm so thankful for the shower and the (non festival) loo.

I've got so much to do it scares me, but I feel that I must live life to the full and not waste a second. Unfrtunately my physical body doesn't always agree with my attitude. I think it needs some rest and relaxation. I have an eye infection. Its nasty.

Recently, to chill out, I've been watching the frst series of Thundercats on DVD. I absoluteloy love nostalgia cartoons. Thundercats was particularly good. Cities of Gold was another favourite I haven't sourced yet. And Around the World with Willie Fogg. Those were the good old days. I met someone who knew the grand-daughterof the guy who invented Bagpuss at the festival. Small world eh?

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