April 6th, 2007

Seders and parties

I had a great time in London apart from one thing: I managed to start coming down with a cold the second day I was there. It wasn't too bad initially and I enjoyed myself but yesterday I was supposed to be at work and I had to have the day off. I was so bad I soent the whole day in bed feeling very whoozy and swollen.

I started fantasising about having my tonsils out. I know its probably not good for you to remove a part of your body but mine swell up so often that it would be nice if they weren't there. But I'm guessing that this would only cause some other part to swell up instead.

The illness is probably due to the heavy night I had on Saturday. M came round, and we all got in a taxi to Trowbridge to go to a house party. We were there till half four and it was excellent.

I have decided to enlist the help of the Trobridge crew in throwing the mother of all parties for my birthday in October. I intend to hire out Invention Arts, and then get them to help with the DJing and lighting. Then we'd have the usual drumming plus a few bands. I'm going to start planning it now and handing out invitations at festivals.

Anyway, back to London, on the way there I had tea with an old uni friends, then the first seder night I spent at Gs house. G is the father of my friend J. All of us went to Israel together back in 2000, for a wedding and a holiday. Unfortunately my friend J wasn't there this time but Gs partner, friend and auntie were and a splendid evening was had by all.

The second night I spend at another old friends house, at the seder of a an unconventional Jewish group called Jewdas. Check out http://www.jewdas.org/contents.htm if you're interested in Jewish stuff. The food was great, the people were interesting and the conversation inspiring. I loved it. Unfortunately by this point  I was already coming down with a cold and by the next day I was feeling really mashed. I still managed to have dinner with A, a nice Laksa in a Singaporean restaurant.