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The Doings of Darkjewelz
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Sunday, March 25th, 2007

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The computer seems to be working fine, but we are still waiting for the receipts promised by the paranoid nutter in London. I now have my own work station with the old computer for word-processing on a proper computer table. Its so great to have my own space with a decent chair and enough room for my books. Its also great to be able to look at the screen face-on.

I've finally finished the AHRC application and I sent it off today. I am happy with it. Fingers crossed. At least I know I did my best and didn't slack.

I went to a great psy trance party in Glastonbury on Friday. I did quite a lot of dancing, aided purely by caffeine. I also bought a whole load of books from the Speaking Tree, as if I didn't have enough books.

On Saturday we did a drumming workshop in bristol for kids with long-term illnesses. It was very pleasant. After that, we went to the violin shop and I tried out about fifteen fiddles. I have taken three home on trial. One of them is £500, the other 1000 and the other 1500. The best one is the 1000 one, but it is only a little better than the 500 one. Is it really worth spending 500 more on something that is only a little better? The 500 one is also the best looking. I'd like to say that doesn't matter at all but it does a little bit.

I had planned to go to Indidious on Saturday night but when we got home from the fiddle shop we had dinner and  fell asleep. When we woke up we both felt crap and couldn't face it, which was a shame as I'd been looking forward to it.

I've got started on my gothic dolly today. A while ago I bought a porcerlain doll in a manky brown outfit for two quid in a charity shop. I've stripped her down, bought her a long black wig and some black velvet, which will soon be a dress. I'm thinking of also making a little corset. At the end she'll be a gothic babe! I'm thinking about how to get a few piercings on her, and some make-up!

Its almost passover and I now have two seders lined up with friends in London. I'm sure I was born into the wrong religion. My family are nominal Catholics but I've always been convinced that I am really a Jew! I am a lapsed Jew, I might add, the sort that enjoys traditional customs without being too religious. I was very religious when I was younger, but I seem to have grown out of that.

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