March 21st, 2007

A good old moan...

Gawd, I really need to moan. I feel like |'m on the brink of a nervous breakdown. We bought a second-hand computer from sme guy on ebay and then picked it up in London. It was supposed to have the receipts for the components with it, which was important since it didn't have a warranty. When we got it home we realised that some receipts weren't there and some of them seemed wrong so R phoned him up. To cut a long story short, we reached a point last night when we thought that everything was ok and that the computer was probably kosher. Then we got a shitty email from this bloke which basically amounted to a mild threat along the lines of "if you don't give me good feedback on ebay I wont help you out if the computer develops problems." We decided to leave it until the moring, when he phoned at 8.30. I spoke to him, decided to ignore the mild threat and he seemed pleasant enough. Once again he asked for feedback, but we thought we'd leave it until we'd got the computer up and running and we're sure that it worked. Then we got an even shitter email demanding feedback and accusng us of racisim! I replied to this, politely affirming that this was not the case and asking him to put himself in out shoes, we had good grounds to be worried and it was nothing personal. Then this evening there was another whole string of short, unpleasant emails from him. I'm baffled as to why this guy is neurotically keen on feedback. The stupid thing is, we were all ready to give him the good feedbck, befor he started bombarding us with offensive emails! I don't think he's going to get it now... We're starting to wonder whether this guy is alright in the head.

On top of this, I noticed today that my new keyboard has a whole load of horrible scratches on it. I don't understand how this has happened since I haven't had it long and hardly played it. What's more, the scratches go right up to the top of the keys, which wouldn't happen in normal playing. Its like a child has scraped them with a coin.

And I have lost the sodding car key. I have no idea where its gone. Luckily we have one more but if I lose that we're up shit creek without a paddle. 

Finally, I feel like a pathetic hamster on a wheel that spends its life running and going nowhere. I do know that I am going somehwere but right now it feels like this Phd work takes forever and never gets done. I still havn't finished the AHRC application or managed to start my essay. Aargh!